The Reviewer’s Wrost And Best of 2008

There goes 2008.  Another year another set of movies that someone else is telling you to see that you don't really care about, and others that are so bad they made it onto my top worst list but other critics are saying is one of the top movies of the year.  Well as you all know, The Reviewer could care less what the critics say, the only thing that effects this list is what I thought about the movie when I watched it.  These are the best and worst movies of the year according to me based on whatever criteria I felt like that would make that movie into the best or worst list.  It could be acting, story, how funny it was or how pretty it looked, how horrible the CG was or that it was 3 damn hours long and never ended.  So here they are, your worst and best of 2008 according to The Reviewer, and if you want to read the original review, just click on the poster and it will take you to the original review that I wrote when I saw the movie. 



Worst Movies of 2008


5. Star Wars The Clone Wars

George spoons us another pile of crap, this one with an annoying tween in tow surpassing the annoying levels of Anakin and Jar Jar Binks combined.  Clone Wars was such a failure comapred to the completly awesome Cartnoon Network original series that it just broke my heart far worse than Episode 1. 

4. Semi-Pro Poster

The next 3 movies could change ranks between 4 and 2, they are all equally bad.   I do not think I laughed once during Semi-Pro and I really went into it with an open mind.  It was just horrible. 

3. The Love Guru Poster

To subject Justin Timberlake to this type of acting blunder is unforgiveable.  I can not even begin to tell you how bad this movie is.  I really wish I had never seen it, I really wish it was never made, I wish I did not have to put this image up on my website. 

2. 10,000 BC Poster

10,000 B.C. was the CG failure of the year.  What was supposed to be a look into our past, was a clusterfuck of horrible CG, bad acting, horrible story, weird things that didn't actually occur in 10,000 B.C. and everything else wrong with a movie.  Just plain horrible. 

1. Australia Poster

Your worst movie of the year is Australia, tipping the scales at 3 hours long, the movie just goes on forever, with the narration by a horribly annoying Aborigine child with tragic broken english who you wish would have died on that bombed island.  I have not had a bigger urge to walk out of a movie in years as I did with Australia.  



Best Movies of 2008


5. Cloverfield Poster

Giant Monster, crazy footage, love story, tilted building, and headless Statue Of Liberty what else could you ask for in a movie?I was scared, on the edge of my seat and just had a great time with Cloverfield.  I thought it was excellent and well worth the price of admission and then some.  The giant monster gets the #5 best movie of the year. 

4. JCVD Poster

I am not one to put foregin movies on my top lists.  I usually don't feel like I get them enough to care or do I think it is really fair to the readers to have to try to find this movie, but JCVD is so good that it is going to have to make the list anyway.  A unexpected and wonderful acting performace and a great movie as well JCVD is the surprise movie of the year, and the one I say that you should try your hardest to find a copy of and see.  

3. Zach and Miri make a porno poster

It is no secret that I love Kevin Smith, but Zach and Miri was on a another level.  This movie had me laughing throughout the whole thing, it was sweet, funny, gross, and crazy.  It brought in all the greatness of Kevin Smith movies and graduated to the next level and I thought was the funniest movie of the year. 

2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall Poster

Forgetting Sarah Marshall was lost in the shuffle with a lot of people.  They didn't think it looked good and didn't go see it or something, I don't know.  What I do know is that it is the perfect date movie of 2008, and is amazingly wonderful.  I had such a great time with this movie it is only 1 of 2 movies I wanted to purchase for the 2008 list of movies.  The other one is the number one movie of the year. 

1. The Dark Knight Poster

I think it is hard to find anyone that thought this movie was not in the top movies of the year.  The second highest grossing movie of all time, that will take over #1 in Janunary, The Dark Knight was the ultimate movie for 2008, and this decade.  A finely crafed wonderfully amazing crime drama, that is more than just a super hero movie.  The Dark Knight was on a level all by itself this year and delivered one of the best movies I have seen in my lifetime.  This movie deserves the top honor on my list and is so far ahead that there is no question that it is the best movie of the year.  


Well there you go folks, my list.  Please tell me what your lists are, tell me I am crazy or tell me anything you loved or hated about 2008 in comments below.  Have a good 2009.  

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